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Goodbye to Mexico!

The end of our short vacation came as suddenly, as its start. I must say that returning from Mexico, I felt that this whole adventure helped me to relax and stop thinking about my studies. It is a good feeling that I haven't felt for some looong time!  

One thing that definitely distracted me from my thoughts was the resort where we lived! All thanks goes to the company that my husband works for, since we were able to enjoy premium quality in every aspect during our stay in the hotel!

I really enjoyed finding time to read books (this was one my choices) that were not related with my studies or work. Also I think that I tried out almost all pools in the area, and found that I like it better than the sea. It's a blasphemy, I know, but sea (for me) was beautiful just to look at.

We enjoyed every bit of our stay in the hotel! Everything, from food to room service, left me good impressions! But what I liked the most was the amount of flora and fauna in the territory! I felt like in pr…

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